Garry Maher’s Testimonial 3rd Dan

11 June 2018, Monday

Sunshine Coast Martial Arts

I take pleasure in presenting a formal written testimonial in support of Sunshine Coast Martial
Arts(SCMA), a fitness, martial arts and healthy lifestyle education and training
organisation situated at the Harvey Norman Centre, Gibson Road, Noosaville, Queensland.
As a retired former detective sergeant of police, a university academic and more recently the
principal and managing director of a registered training organisation (RTO), I have been closely
associated with SCMA for the past twelve years, initially as a student in its karate martial art
training program and more recently as an instructor in that martial art.
I commenced my karate training as a 65 year old who was at the time in somewhat indifferent
health. I was advised by my GP that I was in need of a change in diet and fitness training
program commensurate with my age and general physical condition.
Somewhat apprehensive at the time, I enquired with SCMA if it provided a program similar
to that suggested by my general practitioner. After a very friendly, sympathetic and
understanding analysis of my situation, the staff of SCMA developed a program of training
to suit my particular needs.
After some weeks into the program, I began to feel a significant difference in my agility, mobility
and general feelings of well-being. I also started to lose excess weight which added greatly to this
significant and positive lifestyle change. It was around this time I commenced my training with
its mainstream karate training program which I have continued since and which to my family’s,
friends’, former colleague’s and certainly my surprise, resulted in a 3 Dan Black Belt in the
martial art of karate.
As a former lecturer at the Australian Federal Police College, a lecturer in adult education and
field training officer with the University of Canberra, and the CEO of a registered training
organisation and having authored a government-recognised textbook, together with a bachelor
degree in adult education, a diploma of teaching in technical and further education (TAPE) plus
several other tertiary qualifications, I have been most impressed by the teaching competence,
dedication, and skills displayed by all members of the SCMA instructional staff. Each to a
person has consistently displayed the principles of pedagogy in an effective and meaningful
manner to the diverse groups under their instruction whether it be from infants to mature-age
Fellow students, like me, hold the instructional staff in high regard and personally, I regard them
as a professionals in the true sense of the word. This is not surprising given their experience and
own inhouse personal development training programs and the degree of preparation which
precedes each training session.
Each of the training sessions, the range of teaching strategies, the obvious sense of inclusiveness
which have been refined, mastered and implemented over the years, and the degree to which
students’ concerns are noted preceding. during and succeeding, their learning experience adds
greatly to the learning environment and enjoyment of their learning experience.
I cannot recommend SCMA highly enough as a first class training organisation that provides
a unique, worthwhile and healthy lifestyle experience for people of all ages and physical ability. I
am more than willing to provide formal oral testimony in support of SCMA.
Garry Owen Patrick Maher
Justice of the Peace (Q), BA(Adult Ed), DipT (TAFE), Dip( Training & Assessment Systems), AdvDip (Police
Investigation), Dip (Forensic Investigation), AdvDip( Risk Assessment), Cert lV(Assessment & Workplace Training,
SofA ”Teach the Advanced Skills or Martial Arts ‘, 3rd Dan Black Belt – Karate-do.

February 2017