Karate Fit

Sunshine Coast Martial Arts conducts the latest and greatest martial arts based fitness workout for women & men of all ages and fitness levels KICKBOXING!

It's a sensational 30 minute session combining the skills of Karate & kickboxing on our free standing Punchmaster bags. We also incorporate professional strength and agility training into this great workout. The important difference with our martial arts based fitness program to all of those gym based workouts is simple: you are being instructed by a professional martial artist!


Sunshine Coast Martial Arts (SCMA) have age specific, professionally developed programs that teach important life lessons to children from ages 4 to 5, 6 to 8 and 9 to 12 years.

"They're never too young to build self esteem"

Research has confirmed that these are the most important years for development.

We have an exciting, entertaining, practical age appropriate curriculum that is designed to teach self control, concentration, coordination, goal setting and safety skills that are essential in preparing our children for success in school, relationships and life.

It's more than just Punching and Kicking.
Karate will teach your child important skills that will keep them physically fit and help them to understand the importance of healthy eating habits. We also teach Black Belt attitude for training, home and school, this metaphor is used to encourage good behaviour, teamwork and constant self-improvement in any social situation.
Karate will improve important motor and mental skills, essential to success in any situation. Your child's confidence will increase; they will become more focussed to succeed and their listening skills will improve.
We encourage and create a positive and enthusiastic attitude in our students.

Important Safety Tip Education
Karate includes valuable lessons in safety, including: Bully Buster, Fire Safety, Water and Street Safety, Stranger Danger, Emergency Response – when and how to phone for help and Important names and numbers to remember and most importantly how to avoid being a victim.

Sport Karate Education
If your child enjoys the competitive side of sport then Sunshine Coast Martial Arts is the place to be. SCMA - KBI has been one of the leading clubs in Australia for the past 3 decades!
Your child may be interested in local competitions or has a goal of being the next World Champion. SCMA - KBI and its squad of champions can help make this a reality.

Your Partner in Values and Manners
Sunshine Coast Martial Arts and its instructors are your partners in reinforcing the family values that you teach at home. Good manners, following directions, honesty, courtesy and respect for yourself and others.

Karate Teaches Essential Life Skills:

  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Fitness
  • Memory
  • Teamwork
  • Balance
  • Self Control

Sunshine Coast Martial Arts provides dynamic Karate, physical fitness and self defence to men, women and teenagers of all abilities.

Karate incorporates a combination of techniques and principles from years of development in the martial arts and the anatomy and sports science fields. All of which provide our students with a well-balanced, "street smart" traditional based system.

Our ever evolving curriculum will deliver a complete and concise direction in achieving your goals both on the Tatami (training floor) and in everyday life.

Get in the best shape of your life, by focussing on your skill with purpose.

Learn how to be in control of your mind, body and emotions with the intent, direction and skill to "take care of business". Never be a victim again, learn highly effective and powerful self-defence skills that will protect yourself, family and friends.

All this in a fun, friendly environment with a team of professionally trained Sensei's. Karate will improve your confidence, self control, flexibility, endurance, and your mental and physical excellence!

Our specialised custom class for the over 50s. For all those who have ever wanted to try karate and thought age was a barrier we have a class that is suited to your abilities no matter what your age, gender and fitness. Train with like minded people in a safe and encouraging environment.