August Newsletter: Dojo location & COVID rules

28 August 2020, Friday

SCMA training

Dear Karate-ka and Parents, 

I trust that all our families are keeping well and getting back to some sort of normality.

A big welcome to all our new members!!!

As most of you know, the dojo building has been sold to new owners. Due to this we will be moving the main dojo training area into the back area as another business will moving into the front section.  The stairs and landing area becomes a shared space.

This is an exciting time for us as we get to redo the back area into a beautiful training space. This move will happen by mid-September. There will be NO change to classes or class times due to the move 😊

            COVID_19 RULES UPDATE

  • Normal contact karate training allowed.
  • Still NO sharing of equipment (gloves etc)
  • No overlapping of classes. We still have a 10min gap between classes.
  • Sanitize hands on entry to dojo.
  • Social distance must be maintained off the floor. i.e. seating area, stairs, landing area, outside the dojo.
  • With the social distance rules in place off the floor, unfortunately we are still unable to allow spectators. Parents will still be able to view class on zoom.
  • Regulations may change on short notice, but we will keep you informed should there be any such changes.

Thank you to everyone who has paid their affiliation and insurance fee. Please pay this ASAP if you have not done so already.

Well done to all our younger students who have been showing great concentration and discipline during the classes. We are proud of you all.

“Remember all karate-ka are equal, no matter your belt grade or gender. If you are on the floor training and giving your 100% with a humble, respectful, and open mind, you are karate-ka.”, Mike Dukas Shihan

Kind Regards,

Bryan sensei and SCMA team.