Although traditional karate is a serious self-defence discipline, and was traditionally developed as such, it wasn’t long after its introduction to Japan that the temptation and need arose for people to test themselves.

Over time, a system of rules was developed to ensure competitors’ safety in the arena, although there are still traditional competitions around the world, especially in Shotokan, where the risk of injury is very high. Nonetheless, serious and disabling injury is usually averted as competitors are taught control and respect in the dojo.

Karate Noosa is a member of the Queensland Karate Association, who in turn conforms to the World Karate Federation’s set of rules and principles.

Incorporated in 1974, Karate Queensland (Queensland Karate Association Inc) is the peak body for the administration and development of the art of karate throughout Queensland. Drawing its membership from all traditional karate styles, Karate Queensland is federated with the Australian Karate Association which in turn is recognised by the Oceania and World Karate Federations.

Karate Queensland has 35 member karate schools/associations who train in over 70 dojo locations across the state with around 4,500 active students.

Karate Queensland is an incorporated not for profit organisation.

Please use the following links for information pertaining to our competitions and associated rules.

WKF official dress for coaches and competitors

WKF tatami layout for kumite and kata